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Dubbed the “Holy City,” Charleston has the greatest concentration of churches in Northern America. Some of these church buildings have existed since the 1600s. When you’re taking Charleston, SC walking tours on your own, it’s not difficult to spot these churches. Most of them have distinct spires, a design inspired by the early colonizers. Charleston has always had a reputation for open-mindedness and religious diversity. Almost every Christian denomination in the country established a church here, and by the late 18th century, the city had the largest Jewish population in America. ​


This multi-faith southern city is home to a whole range of outstanding churches that are architectural highlights as well as places of worship. Their structural design and interior decoration feature a wide range of styles from strictly traditional to modern minimalist, giving Charleston a quite unique visual aesthetic. In addition, we provide an overview of the history of organized religion in the Low-country and of each church visited. When allowable, we will visit neighboring graveyards as well.


​​​AOL Travel website recommends that seeing Charleston's churches is a "Top 10 Thing To Do". We agree and suggest that you take our Heavenly Charleston Walking Tour to see our city's living history. Visit St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Charleston's oldest church building, the beautiful St. John's Lutheran Church, and the centrally located St. Philips' Episcopal Church. Wander through the lush graveyard of the oldest Unitarian Church in the South. Pause by grave-sites of signers of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. See Charleston's oldest graveyards and Circular Congregational Church. ​​


Guests of the tour will stroll through Charleston’s history and explore six of her historic churches. The tour goes into several of the the more prominent churches in Charleston, including some not regularly open for tours. The tour covers topics ranging from the symbols on gravestones to the reconciliation of religion and slavery. It blends history with incredible beauty and is one of the most memorable ways to learn and appreciate Charleston's rich past. The tour last approximately 3 hours and meets at St. Michael's Episcopal Church at 71 Broad Street. Just look for the tall white spire.



Let us bring to life the tales of Charleston’s supernatural past and present, as we lead you on a ghostly tour of Charleston’s historic and shadowy streets and alleyways, centuries old buildings and ghostly graveyards.  Hear stories of the unexplained and strange.  The supernatural folklore of “Old Charleston” will keep you on edge, as you relive many chilling experiences of Charleston inhabitants from years gone by.  Experience the dark side of this gracious southern city on a 90 minute walking tour of downtown Charleston.

Charleston has been referred to as "One of the most haunted city in America.   After this tour, we'll let you be the judge!  With its colorful history and unique traditions, it is no wonder so many Charleston homes, taverns and graveyards have been investigated by paranormal investigators. We don't promise you will see a ghost, but we will show you where you're most likely to meet one!  All of our stories are researched through records from historical libraries, church documents, personal diaries and personal interviews.  Nothing is made up and no artificial special effects are used during the tour. If you see something while out there, you'll know it's real!  

"Ghostly Charleston" offers a bone chilling storytelling experience that takes you far away from the typical “haunted house!” Tours begin at night and will take you through some of Charleston’s oldest and most haunted areas. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, covers less than a mile, and it is guided by lantern light from your storyteller. At the beginning of each tour, your group will be provided with an EMF (or ghost detector) as you walk through the haunted history that is Charleston. The ghost detector is provided to your group at no additional charge.


​Charleston is not just a tourist destination, but an ideal movie and  television location as well.  Whether it's a historical drama, a modern day kids show or a dramatic television series, Charleston has always been an ideal location for filming.  Come escape reality and take a tour with On Location... Charleston as we follow in the footsteps of some of your favorite TV & movie characters on one of the South’s hottest tourist attr​​​​​actions.  On Location... Charleston offers the most unique TV and movie-themed tour in the Low-country.  ​Even if you’re not a movie buff don’t worry as the tour is fun for people of all ages. 


On Location...Charleston will show you a new way to see the Holy City, one of the most filmed cities in the south.  In addition to our movie and television locales, our tours provide a front row seat to many of the best Charleston landmarks; from the King Street to College of Charleston to Church Street to the Arthur Ravenell Jr. Bridge  to the Old Village in Mt. Pleasant.  Our tours will also take you off the beaten path to neighborhoods such as Mt. Pleasant's "Old Village".


As you travel by van, you’ll be able to watch DVD clips from the scenes of the movies as we visit the actual locations, hear fascinating historical information about the local area and get the inside track on movie making in Charleston.​


Movies and television shows that we cover include favorites like The Patriot, Cold Mountain, Dear John, Reap The Wild Wind, North and South, Die Hard With A Vengeance, The Notebook and many more.  ​On Location... Charleston is a fun and unique way to see the Charleston as our movie experts entertain you with behind-the-scenes insider information.

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