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Customer support philosophy

Our aim within Customer Support is to maintain a relationship with you, before and after, you have experienced our services, and to ensure that you wish to choose All About Charleston again.

We endeavor to respond quickly and appropriately, while providing other departments within All About Charleston with the feedback needed to improve our services.
There for you
We are here to ensure that your time in Charleston is perfect.  It is important to us that your historical tour of Charleston jazz or Holy City church tour goes smoothly...that your paranormal experience is truly haunting and your movie location tour causes you to look for the Hollywood sign!  We want you to feel the just how forbidden our dark side tour really gaze in awe of our US military's might and history!  To achieve this we provide you with first-class professional support.
Our fully trained and experienced staff will respond to your questions and concerns about your experience in Charleston. They can help you with anything from planning your Charleston itinerary to assisting you with the booking one of our specialty tours.  In addition, we urge you to contact us with your comments!  Use our Facebook page, Trip Advisor, Twitter or other social media.  If nothing else, just email us.  We want to know what you think!


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