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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)​

How do we contact you?


Private tours can be booked by emailing us   When you email us, please include your phone number as we will call you to confirm and discuss your private tour in-depth.  You can also request a tour with our "Request-A-Quote" button.

Is advance purchase required?



YES!  If you are booking a private tour, advance purchase is required! 

Where do the tours meet?   What are the times of the tours?


Our tours have various meeting locations (varies from tour to tour and will be communicated to you before the tour date)..  See our tour map (on each tour page) for exact directions to the meeting location as well.   For mini-bus tours, a hotel pick-up can be arranged.


Tour times are not set in stone.  Once you book a private tour, we will work with you on a time that fits your schedule.


Do we have to print anything out?


Not at all!  Simply meet your tour guide at the assigned location   That's it!

Is parking available?


There are some metered parking spaces throughout the Historical District but they are often taken and require you to continually feed the meter.  Your best bet is to either park in a paid lot or park at the Visitors Center and ride the Downtown Area Shuttle (Green DASH Trolley) or park in one of the garages around The City Market. However, the meters are free after 6pm for the night tours.  Use your best judgement and plan accordingly.​


All on-street City of Charleston parking meters are active and require payment Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (excluding Sunday and official city holidays).  Parking meters located in surface lots are in operation from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday.


Click here for a green "Parking" link  featured throughout our website for area garages.


What is the cancellation policy?


There will be no charge if you cancel your reservation by e-mail within at least 48 hours of the requested tour date.  If you cancel your tour in less than 48 hours of the requested tour date, a "no show" fee of 50% of your total tour package cost will be charged to your credit card.  As we are usually completely booked for private tours each day, there will be no exceptions to this policy.


What if it rains?


Tours are given rain or shine unless there are severe conditions, so bring an umbrella or rain gear or whatever protects you best.  Rarely do we cancel a tour due to inclement weather.  If there is heavy rain within one hour prior to the start of the tour, or there is lightning, we will cancel a tour due to the potential of sites not being accessible because of flooding and for safety concerns.  If we cancel a tour, guests are entitled to a full refund on your credit card or we may rescheduled for a later date. That's why we ask for a contact telephone number and email address when booking your tour, just in case we have to contact you.   We will make tour cancellation decisions no earlier than one hour before the tour begins.  Feel free to call us at  843-469-4458  if you have any concerns.

Can we bring food or drink on your tours?


While we do allow food and drink on our tours, please be respectful of our city and others in this regard.   Absolutely no alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on any of our tours.

Are restrooms available?


Public restrooms in Charleston are at a premium!  Unfortunately, public restrooms are not always available on our tours.  We will do our best to accommodate restroom needs as they arise however.   Please plan accordingly.

Is smoking permitted on tour?


Unfortunately, smoking is not permitted on our tours.  Please plan accordingly.

Are the tours appropriate for children (or small children)?


Our tours very in regards to small children.   Each tour is rated (ie: G, PG, R) to give you an idea of the subject matter and appropriateness of children on the tour.  Occasionally, even our G rated tours do not hold the interest of small children, so they inevitably become bored and sometimes disruptive.  While this is not a major issue for us, please plan accordingly.

Are cameras & video recorders allowed on the tours?


YES!!  While we have no problem with cameras on the tours, we do ask that you be courteous to our city and others.  While attempting to catch something in a camera lens is fun, this practice can be considered disrespectful to others.  We often get pictures/videos of some eerie stuff from our guests – especially from the "Ghostly Charleston" tour!!   We would appreciate you sending anything out of the ordinary to us.  You can e-mail us any photos.​

Should I tip my guide after the tour?


It is not mandatory but our guides are highly appreciative of any and all tips.

Is there a lot of walking on the tours?


Our tours are mostly walking tours and therefore involve a high degree of walking.  The pace is steady and comfortable.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes on our tours.  It's also a good idea to bring some water along with you (especially in the Charleston summer).  Several of our tours use a mini-bus as transportation.  These tours also include some walking.

What if I am running late?


No worries!  Just text 843-793-8505 if you are running late.  If you are running more than 30 minutes late, please understand that your tour may need to be rescheduled or shortened if our tour schedule permits.  Try to show up about 15 minutes prior to the start or your tour time to ensure you can find parking and check in.  Also refer to our cancellation policy for more information.

How long do the tours last?


Our tour lengths vary depending on the tour.  Tour packages can be customized for any length.  Please refer to the specific tour page for more detailed information.

What is the pace of the tour?


The pace is greatly influenced by the city, its sidewalks, weather and terrain.  Pace of tours will be gauged by your tour guide based on the individual tour make up.  If you or a member of your group has a disability, please speak with our staff before you decide to take the tour.

What is your liability policy?


By participating in any of our tours, the customer unequivocally disavows all claims present or future against the tour operators for any liability, loss or risk, monetary, personal or otherwise which is incurred as a result directly or indirectly from the tour.  Please refer to our disclaimers and policies link for more detailed information.

Do you make these stories up?


No!  Charleston has nearly 350 years worth of history and therefore we don't need to make anything up.  All of our tours are real, true history. We have researched all of our stories to bring you funny, historically accurate, real history.  Our tour guides are real historians!

Can you give more details about accessibility for people with disabilities?


Yes, with advanced notice (at least two days) all our tours can accommodate people with disabilities. Keep in mind Charleston was built on uneven terrain and the public streets, sidewalks, and cemeteries can be uneven.

Do you offer group tours?


Groups are always welcome!  School groups, parties, reunions, conventions, tour groups etc. are all welcome.  Advance arrangements are obviously required.  We will be glad to work with you on any special needs.

Our company is planning a group tour with you.  How many guests can you take on your tours as one time?


As per city ordinance, All About Charleston has a maximum guest number of 20.  However, groups larger than 20 can be accommodated by using multiple guides.  Please refer to the tour page for exact numbers information.


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