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A night-time excursion through one of America's most haunted city!  Let us bring to life the tales of Charleston’s supernatural past and present as we lead you on a ghostly tour of Charleston’s historic and shadowy streets and alleyways, centuries old buildings and ghostly graveyards.  Hear stories of the unexplained and strange.  The supernatural folklore of “Old Charleston” will keep you on edge as you relive many chilling experiences of Charleston inhabitants from years gone by.  Experience the dark side of this gracious southern city on a 90- minute walking tour of downtown Charleston.

Charleston has been referred to as "One of the most haunted cities in America.   We'll let you be the judge
after this tour!  With it's colorful history and unique traditions, it is no wonder so many Charleston homes, taverns and graveyards have been investigated by paranormal investigators. We don't promise you will see a ghost, but we will show you where you're most likely to meet one!  All of our stories are researched through records from historical libraries, church documents, personal diaries and personal interviews.  Nothing is made up and no artificial special effects are used during the tour. If you see something while out there, you'll know it's real!  

"Ghostly Charleston" offers a bone chilling storytelling experience that takes you far away from the typical “haunted house!” Tours begin at night and will take you through some of Charleston’s oldest and most haunted areas. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, covers less than a mile, and it is guided by lantern light from your storyteller.  Decidedly the newest and best ghost tour in the Low-Country, "Ghostly Charleston" offers tours throughout the year. Read our "Frightseeing Lantern Tour" specific FAQ to the right!


The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours and meets at Waterfront Park at 1 Vendue Range. 

All About Charleston cannot be held responsible for any haunting, soul-possession or poltergeist activity endured before, during or after participation on the tour.


Waterfront Park

1 Vendue Range




Check "How To Book" for more info.


Email or call for more tour information

Frightseeing Lantern

Walking Tour

1.5 hours (approx.)

​Charleston Church and Graveyard

Frightseeing Walking Tour

Please note gratuity is not included in the tour price. Our guides appreciate gratuities or TIPS where earned.

Charleston's Premier
Haunted Tour
We Bring History Back To Life!


Anomaly - Something found on a picture, photograph, video or voice recording that has no explainable source. 


Apparition - A spirit that is in human form and usually visible to the naked eye; or may appear in a photo undetected originally by the naked eye.  Often this anomaly is dressed in period clothing.  Very hard to capture on film but many have reported seeing this type of ghost.  This is the "Hollywood-Type" ghost featured in many movies.

Cameras - Paranormal investigators use both digital and 35mm cameras.  Digital cameras are great because they seem more adept at capturing anomalies and give instant results. They are also cheaper to use than film.

Dowsing Rods - Two rods held out in front of one which cross when paranormal activity  is present.  For years, dowsing rods have been used to find water for wells, and burial sites.  They are an inexpensive tool for those sensitive enough to use them (about 80% are!), to help detect areas of paranormal activity for confirmation with photos and other detection devices.


Ectoplasm - The term used for a smoke-like or fog looking mist that appears in photos but was not discernible by the human eye.  This phenomena has been captured in the midst of large groups of people, as well.

EMF Meter - A meter for measuring electromagnetic fields.  Spirits have been found to interrupt or even create their own electromagnetic fields. Compasses can also be used to detect changes in EMF's. A spike in EMF activity could represent spirit activity and is an excellent tool of the paranormal investigator to locate areas to study and collaborate evidence of the presence of ghosts. 


Energy Lights - These show up on photos as colored lights during some manifestations of hauntings.  They usually are not visible to the naked eye and can appear in different colors such as red, orange or green.

EVP - "Electronic Voice Phenomenon" is the recording of audio tapes at a suspected haunted site; and although no voices were heard at the time of the recording, unexplained voices may be discovered during playback of the audio tape.  Both digital recorder and traditional tape recorders may be used with an external microphone.

Intelligent Haunting - When spirits dwell in a specific area and demonstrate an interaction with those here in the physical realm.

Kinetic Energy - Description for the movement of objects by a ghost.  A physical manifestation of an unseen force which may move, throw or even destroy objects. These ghosts are known as "Poltergeists" (German for "noisy ghost").

Orb - Orbs are believed to be energy or the spirit and soul of individuals, which show up as circles or balls of light in photos - varying in size, color and opacity.  I personally believe them to be departed spirits whose soul is "enlightened," hence they are seen as "light."  The whiter or brighter the light, the more truth is known by them. As a side note, it is important to know that dust, rain or snow directly in front of the camera can also appear to be orbs in a photograph.

Motion Detectors - Some paranormal investigators use motion detectors to watch for unseen object or infrared (heat) movement. 

Plasma/Plasmoid - Moving orbs caught during the time of camera exposure.  Orbs have also been filmed moving, on video.  In photos, they appear as streaking light or as an orb with a tail showing the path of motion. These are also known as "supercharged orbs" in motion.

Poltergeist - German for "noisy ghost." These ghosts manifest in the physical enough to produce sounds and the movement of objects.  See Kinetic Energy.

Residual Haunting - When a spirit is seen doing the same thing over and over, many believe this to be simply an energy imprint or residual haunting.  In other words, a strong, traumatic event that occurred in some other time, repeating itself over and over.  Usually these spirits do not interact with those who see them.  My opinion, is that this could simply be a state of mind I call "hell;" being trapped by one's own mind in darkness or lack of understanding.  Sort of reliving of an event perhaps through fear, guilt or condemnation until that spirit finds truth and freedom.

Shadow People/Dark Shadows - Unexplainable dark shadows in photos and video which sometimes may be seen with the naked eye.  Many believe these to be demons, but I believe they are departed spirits who are in darkness currently.  In other words, the state of their soul is visible as darkness instead of light.  That is not to say they are bad people, but simply people who are void of truth or bound by untruths.

Temperature Monitors/Thermometers - Used to detect cold or hot spots which can indicate paranormal activity. 

Vortex or Vortices - A long streak across a photo that may be caused by a very high-speeding "orb;" some believe vortices are  a gateway between both realms (physical and spirit realms).  They are usually white in color and may appear as a funnel-shape.  Camera straps, human hair, a tree branch, etc.right in front of the camera lens during exposure have been notoriously mistaken for a vortex.  It is important to make sure anything that may interfere with your photo is removed from within the front of the camera.​

Ghostly Terminology

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