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Sailboat "Mental Heeling" FAQs


Where should I park?
Visitor parking at The Harborage Marina is extremely limited and other options can be a hassle.  To remove this hassle, guests have the option of being picked up (from one location) and dropped off (at one location) anywhere on the Charleston Peninsula for $20. Additional options are the Charleston City Marina, Hilton Garden Inn and Marriott Courtyard.


Can I bring alcohol?
Of course. Adults 21 years or older are asked to please avoid bringing any glass aboard and always be responsible. Charleston Sailboat Charters will not be providing any alcohol and the Captain will not be consuming alcohol….until we return safely to the dock.


What if it rains?
You’ll probably get wet. We will sail in light rain as long as it is not lightening.


What should I wear?
Generally it is a few degrees cooler on the water.  Bringing a light jacket, hat and sunglasses are a good idea.  While you can go bare foot or flip-flops, I would recommend covering your toes as there are an unlimited number of hard objects to stub your toes on.


Can I be hands on or just sit back and relax?
Yes. And Yes.


Is there a refund policy?
Refunds will only be issued if the Captain deems it too unsafe to sail due to weather conditions.  Guests have the option of rescheduling or a 100% refund.


Can you take more than six passengers?
No.  The United States Coast Guard OUPV 6-Pack license allows a maximum of six passengers.


Do I have to wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)?
Guests under the age of thirteen will be required to wear a PFD per the United States Coast Guard which will be provided by Charleston Sailboat Charters.


Is there a bathroom on board?
On a boat it’s called the Head, and yes Mental Heeling has a head.


Motorized "Geechie Girl" FAQs

What if it rains on the day of my tour?

Cruises may take place if rain is light and sea conditions are favorable. It is recommended that you wear or bring clothing that will keep you comfortable in fluctuating weather conditions. Please note that coastal conditions can and do change quickly and frequently. Based upon your captain’s discretion, it is possible for your tour to be canceled. If a weather advisory is in effect, or if your captain forecasts or observes foul weather, you will be contacted regarding cruise cancellations. For specific information about tour cancellations due to inclement weather, contact Charleston Harbor Tours at 843-SEA-MAN6.


How safe is the Geechee Girl?

Geechee Girl is outfitted with regulation US Coast Guard safety equipment, including personal flotation devices. Charleston Harbor Tours captains hold USCG 6PAK Licenses and safety is their utmost priority. If you think you may require special accommodations for comfort and safety, please discuss them with the captains prior to booking your reservation.


What can we bring on our cruise?

Bring along your camera and sunglasses! You may want to bring sunscreen for UV protection in addition to the shade of the canvas canopy. If you choose to bring your own beverages and meal, you will want to include glasses, plates, and utensils appropriate for your party.


Do you serve refreshments?

Yes! We provide complimentary water and ice for all guests.


Do you serve alcohol?

No, however you’re welcome to bring your beverage of choice onboard. Wine goes well with our sunset cruise – just mention that when booking and we’ll make sure to bring glasses, a corkscrew and anything else you might need or request.


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