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Jeff Caplinger

Owner/Licensed Guide






Useful Expressions


English                                   Italian                                    Pronunciation                             


Good morning                         Buon giorno                           Bwown JOHR-no

Good evening                          Buona sera                            BWOW-nah SAY-rah

Good night                               Buona notte                           BWOW-nah NWOT-tay

Hello                                        Ciao                                       CHEOW

I'll be seeing you                      Arrivederci                             ahr-ree-va-DARE-chee

My name is Jeff                       Mi chiamo Goffredo               Mee KYAH-mo goh-FREH-doh

Please                                     Per favore                              pehr fah-vo-ray

Thank you                                Grazie                                    GRAH-tsyay

How are you?                          Come sta?                             KO-may-stah?

You're welcome                       Prego                                     PRAY-go

Very well thanks. And you?      Molto bene, grazie. E Lei?     Mohl-toh BEY-nay, GRAH-tsyay.     

                                                                                                ay LEH-ee?

Walking Around


English                                   Italian                                    Pronunciation                             


Where is the ticket office?       Dov'e' la biglietteria?             Dohv-AY la beel-yayt-tay-REE-ah?

Excuse me, where are we?     Mi scusi, dove siamo?          Mee SKOO-zee, DOH-vay syam-o?

I speak a little Italian                 Parlo un po' d'italiano            PAHR-lo oon po lee-tahl-yah-no

Let's go dancing!                     Andiamo ballare!                    Ahn-DYA-moh bahl-LAH-ray!

How much?                             Quanto?                                 KWAHN-toh?

A coffee, please                       Un caffe per favore.              Oon kahf-FAY, pehr fah-VOH-ray.



Before you depart on your exciting tour of Italy, here are a few phrases and useful words to start you on your way... in Italian of course.


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